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Algun miembro di e Grupo Scout Casibari Jan Lobbrecht a bay representa Aruba durante evento Scout na Belize

8 di augustus 2011 21:32
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5 Verkenners di e Grupo Scout Casibari Jan Lobbrecht a bai representa Aruba na Belize. Randall Maduro, Romario Goeloe, Luzmarie Marugg, Mitchell Croes y Juan Luis Croes. Nan a bay acompaña pa e leider Hopman Brian Dake y leidster Sharelle Ras.
E grupo a sali di Aruba dia 26 di July pa Miami y dia 27 july di Miami pa Belize. E campamento jama Belize Centenary Camp ku a tuma lugar for di dia 1 augustus pa 8 di augustus.
E delegacion mes ta yega diamars anochi 9 di augustus ku American Airlines pa 10.15pm
Adhunto por mira con nos muchanan cu a traha duro hunto cu e grupo y mayornan pa nan por a atende e campamento aki ta pasando. Ta importante pa denota cu ultimamente nos muchanan constantemente ta den noticianan negativo y pa mustra tambe e banda positivo di nos muchanan. Ora e muchanan aki a yega Belize nan no por a imagina nan mes di e forma cu nan a wordo ricibi ku prensa scirbi y televicion cual a pone nan sinti nan mes grandi y mas orgulloso cu nunca cu nan ta bini di nos dushi isla jama Aruba. Ki dushi ta pa wak nos bandera ta hisa den halto aya na Belize. Ki orgullo!!!
Aki ta sigui un poco di informacion di e campamento Scout na Belize
It was on October 6, 1911 that Belize was recognized as the local Association of Boy Scouts of British Honduras. This being our centenary year we are planning a big Centenary Scout Camp from August 1 - 8 at Camp Oakley, the national training and camping grounds of the Association.
This camp is expected to be the biggest and best camp ever and is being organized by a very dynamic Queen Scout, Fernando Oliva, Camp Manager and with the support of Patrick Thompson as the Camp Director. These two outstanding young men have the support of a core of Venture Scouts and adult volunteers who are committed in ensuring that everyone who attends this camp will have a worthwhile experience.
With this in mind, I am pleased to give you initial detailed information on the camp so that you can start preparing (if you have not started) your Scouts to attend this historic event.
Event: Centenary Scout Camp
Date: August 1 - 8, 2011
Venue: Camp Oakley near the Village of Burrell Boom
July 27, 2011

Amidst all the crime and violence that govern Belize’s society, there is something positive to report among Belizean youths. Despite the fact that gangs and other social ills pose a challenge to our young people staying the course, the Scouts Association has been able to keep its presence – for the past one hundred years. Today, a group of their counterparts from Aruba arrived in Belize to help celebrate the occasion. They, along with groups from Mexico and Guatemala will join our local scout members in celebrating one hundred years of scouting in Belize. Their group leader, Brian Dake, told Love News that, like Belize, the crime level is going up in Aruba, but scouting has been able to maintain is presence.

Brian Dake – Scout Leader, Aruba
“The crime situation is not as bad but lately it is going up but we encourage the youth to join Scouting more for the discipline that you get from Scouting and for the respect that you get from Scouting and the activities that we do. The great motivation for most of the kids to join our Scouting group is Aruba is the program that we have and that is the most important factor to attract more youths to the Scouts.”

Meanwhile, camp manager for the event, Fernando Oliva, said that even when crime results in the loss of a scout member, they can still re-enter the movement.

Fernando Oliva – Camp manager
“I personally had a friend that dropped out and when we were going to prepare for this camp, I go to them and they want to come back but just because they have many other influence from other people and we have a very strong competition with being good and being cool.”

Luigi Heredia, a Belizean who now heads the Finance Department for the Aruban Scout Association, is in Belize with the visiting group. He said that the century old presence in Belize must stand for something.

Luigi Heredia – Head, Finance Department Aruba Scout Association
“For us to be 100 years we must be doing something great. We build character, we follow the principles of Scouting, the Scout law which builds the youths. We take them out of that school structure and give them an outdoor structure of respect, loyalty, love for nature, love for their country, love for God, this is what we do at Scouting and how we bring up the youths of Belize and that is why a program such as Scouts Association and Scouting is very critical, it is also one of the largest youth organizations in the world.”

Aside from Aruba, Scouts from Guatemala and Mexico will also be a part of our Scouts Association’s one hundredth anniversary

wak con nan ta promove scout aya na belize

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